DeSoldering Wire (de-soldering wick)

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Wick Width: 2.5 mm
Length: 1.5 Meter
Material: Copper

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19 in stock

Desoldering Wire (Desolder wick) is composed of copper threads braided together. Flux is normally added to help the solder flow from where it is not supposed to be (the jumper) to the wick. Hence, solder wick is sometimes called desolder braid. Yes, you really can solder anything, and solder wick is a large part of the process.

We tried a lot of cheaper solder wicks before finding this supplier. This is a cheaper version of the wick we use. We may start using it actually. It works great and the price is awesome.

Package Includes:

1 x Solder Desoldering Wire (de-soldering wick)

Material Copper
Wick Width (mm) 2.5
Shipment Weight 0.008 kg